1 Pledgerville Senior Citizens Villa Inc - A Vision, A Dream, A Reality


In Remembrance of Rev. T. G. Pledger

A Vision, A Dream, A Reality


Proposed Family Life Center
and other

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Pledgerville Fundraiser

Kickoff Raffle

June 12, 2015
Pledgerville's Patio Courtyard
at 3:00 p.m.

Donation Tickets on Sale
May 18th - June 12th

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(818) 897-7784

Proceeds to Benefit:
Pledgerville Capital Fund & Improvement Plan Drive
2015 -2017

The Pioneers

  • Visionaries:
    Rev. T. G. Pledger, Pastor
    Greater Community Baptist Church

  • Sustainers:
    Members of Greater Community Baptist Church
    Deacon Paul Timothy Lewis
    All Boards of Director
    Past and Present elected officials
    The Community

  • Architect:
    Edward C. Barker and Associates

  • Builders:
    Campbell Construction Company

  • Consutant:
    Byron Barker, Inc.

  • Management:
    Barker Management Inc.
    1101 E. Orangewood Avenue
    Anaheim, CA 92805

Welcome to the Pledgerville Senior Citizens Villa Website

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8 am - 5 pm

Office Phone
(818) 897-7784

Donald Sanders
Resident Manager
Maintenance Supervisor

Claudette Jones
Assistant Manger
Occupancy Specialist

Pledgerville's Complex

Celebrating 30 Years

Pledgerville Senior Citizens Villa, Inc. was organized by the late Reverend T. G. Pledger, pastor of the historic Greater Community Baptist Church of Pacoima in the late 1970s. The formal proceedings to develop a senior citizens residential complex took firm root in 1978, with the establishment of a governing board (later Board of Directors); the Greater Community Baptist Church was the initial sponsor for the project.  Pledgerville Senior Citizens Villa was built in early 1980; the first residents moved into the seniors and handicapped complex in May, 1984.

Pledgerville Senior Citizens Villa, Incorporated is owned and operated exclusively as an independent, non-sectarian nonprofit charitable and public benefit California corporation.

Pledgerville Senior Citizens Villa, Incorporated is governed by a seven (7) member Board of Directors, whose primary duty and responsibility is to ensure that the mission, goals, and objectives of the corporation are met pursuant to guidelines and directives established and implemented by the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, the organizational By-Laws and Standing Rules of Governance, the facility residents as an organized body, and all applicable local, state, and federal laws and statutes governing nonprofit corporations and federally subsidized independent-living housing programs.

New Property Development Initiative:
In August 2012, the Board of Directors (Owner) of Pledgerville Senior Citizens Villa proposed and adopted a set of goals and plans to renovate the existing facility through a financing plan under the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). 

The renovation plan calls for a complete upgrade and modernization of the property to include both the interior and exterior of the complex. It is expected that the renovation work on the property will begin in fall 2014. 

For additional information on the Pledgerville property development initiative, contact the Board of Directors at (818) 897-7784. renovation plan

Please watch the Pledgerville website for updated information and visual images of renovation of the property as it unfolds beginning in April 2014.

No Vacancies

Serene Surroundings

The aesthetically cohesive landscaping, that surrounds the Pledgerville Senior Citizens Villa, radiates instantaneous and complete calmness.
The abundances of spirit-lifting natural lighting is obtainable from every room.
Breathtaking views of the San Fernando Valley from the heart of Pacoima are an unrivaled amenity of the Villa.

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