In Remembrance of Rev. T. G. Pledger

A Vision, A Dream, A Reality

Rev. & Mrs. T.G. Pledger

 Rev. &  Mrs. T. G. Pledger


Rev. T. G. Pledger, Pastor
Greater Community Baptist Church

A Vision, A Prayer, A Reality

The Note To The LORD

May 23,1972

To Our Heavenly Father:

Dear God, please grant to your son the opportunity to secure a loan to erect a Senior Citizens Home.

I Know Dear God, that the whole world and all that is in it belongs to you. I pray that you will be merciful unto me.

Dear God, I thank you for all your past blessings and for your tender mercy.

Your servant,
T. G. Pledger


First Officers
Paul T. Lewis, First President
Eula C. Rose, First Secretary

Barker Management

Barker Construction

About Us

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History Of Pledgerville Senior Citizens Villa, Inc.

On May 23, 1972, while sitting in his office reminiscing over the welfare of our community and Pacoima, Rev. T. G. Pledger wrote the Lord a note. He put this note aside, and some five years later, the note surfaced again, at which time, Rev. Pledger knew he had to do something about this note.

Then, on December 28, 1977, he called a meeting of nine members of the greater Community Baptist Church at 11066 Norris Street in Pacoima, California, to discuss the contents of the note. At this meeting, it was decided that we as members of the church, would pursue the erection of a building for the seniors and handicapped of our community. Also, during this meeting a Planning Committee was formed to examine the courses of action to be taken in the pursuit of our dream. This committee was chaired by Mrs. Earlene Stepney and Mrs. Eula C. Rose was appointed secretary.

The committee agreed to request information from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in Washington, D. C. as to the guidelines and procedures necessary to carry out a project ofthis magnitude.

Soon thereafter, the committee was introduced to a Planning, Architect, Engineering Management and Consulting Firm by Mr. Ken Thomas, Deputy to former councilman of the First Council District, Mr. Bob Ronka. A proposal, prepared by this firm, was submitted to HUD for a senior citizens housing project; however, this proposal was not approved.

We felt a need for legal guidance and that was obtained in the person of Bryce D. Wisner, Esq.

Under the direction of Mr. Paul T. Lewis, in July 1978, the Planning Committee reported its findings to the Executive Board of Greater Community Baptist Church. At this time, it was deemed necessary that a Board of Directors be established for the express purpose of becoming a non-profit corporation of the state of California. In order to become incorporated, a project name had to be chosen. The chartered name is PLEDGERVILLE SENIOR CITIZENS VILLA, INC. And on Feburary 5, 1979, we became incorporated.

On April 26, 1979, the corporation secured the services of Barker Management Inc., Mr. Byron Barker, President, who became our consultant; and Edward C.Barker and Associates, Architects. Under the guidance of our Consultant, new proposals were submitted to HUD requiring many changes before the project was finally funded in September, 1980 in the amount of $3.99 millions.
But at a later date, the Barkers drafted another proposal for the project which they resubmitted to HUD, and it was approved at a total cost of $6,051,700.00.

This last funding has resulted in this beautiful senior citizens facility that you are witnessing today! Major features of the project include ninety-three one bedroom units and one two bedroom unit for the manage}'; rully equipped kitchen and bathroom; carpet and draperies throughout; two elevators in both five stories and six stories wings; recreation room with built-in kitchen and arts and crafts facilities; laundry room with washers and dryers in the third wing; completely enclosed parking and outdoor sitting area, and twenty-four hour security and managerial services.

Ground breaking ceremonies were held on the project site on February 19,1983. Construction was begun by Campbell Construction Company about a week later, and with few obstacles, occupancy occurred in March, 1984. To date we proudly share with you that there is a 90% occupancy rate.

The Board of Directors is deeply saddened by the fact that Mr. Paul T. Lewis, Past Chief Executive Officer, is not with us today to witness the completion of this building, as he spent many, long and productive hours of his time and energy, in good health and in poor health, to help make this project a reality! Appreciation and loving thanks are also extended to Mrs. Lewis, who shared in her husband's efforts to eliminate any obstruction in making this dream a success. She encouraged him as well as the Board of Directors to keep pushing forward to see the fruit of her husband's labor.

Not enough praise can be given to the untiring efforts of Rev . T. G. Pledger and Mr. Paul T. Lewis as well as the former Congressman James Corman and Staff and former Councilman Bob Ronka and Staff. But as with politics, administrations change, and later, support was given by Congresswoman Bobbi Fiedler; Congressman Howard Berman who interceded at the eleventh hour to get the project passed; Assembly- man Richard Katz; Supervisor Mike Antonovich; Councilman Howard Finn; as well as the many other civic and lay persons of the community. The organization, Pledgerville Senior Citizens Villa, Inc., could not have been successful without the concern, dedication, cooperation and understanding of its Board of Directors - Mr. Joe Phillips, Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Earlene Stepney, First Vice President, Mr. Frank Divens, Second Vice President, Mrs. Jane McGlory, Executive Financial Officer, Mrs. Eula C. Rose, Executive Secretary, Mrs. Myrtle Scott Agent for Service of Process, Mr. George Hawkins, Mr. Paul Tsuneishi, Mr. Sel Anderson, Mr. Ted Minor, Mr. Cleo McConnell, Ms. Bertha Bermudez, Mrs. Mabel Green and Mrs. Betty Doss.

Of the current Board of Directors, three are charter members. They are Mrs. Earlene Stepney, Mrs. Myrtle Scott and Mrs. Eula C. Rose who has been the secretary since the beginning of this endeavor. Pledgerville Senior Citizens Villa, Inc., located at 11060 Norris Street, Pacoima, California 91331, is managed by Barker and Associates Management Firm, Anaheim, California 92805.

Respectfully Submitted,

Eula C. Rose, Secretary

Dated May 1, 1984

Our Villa

A safe haven to call Home! Beyond the Pledgerville doors one can find that special place to settle into with their personal possessions. Surrounded by loving staff, many modern-day conveniences and a sanitary facility close to shopping, transportation, medical and recreation makes Pledgerville the perfect residence for seniors and handicapped individuals.

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